olive garden | table talk concept
Idea: The concept was to use the already established "Buy One, Take One" meal promotion but add a twist to it and rebrand it as "Buy One, Give One". The new promotion would have a table for patrons to reserve that allows them to purchase a meal and send one to a loved one in another state. By making the reservation the patron could have a traditional meal with loved ones who couldn't be there live in person. Reenforcing the idea the dinner table is the perfect place for family's to bond over food. 

kellogg's | fun pak promotional concept

Idea: The concept was to add a QR code to each individual snack box, so when these are handed out for school parties or Halloween as treats, each child could receive a customized holiday message.

coors light  | "ice cold" guerrilla concept
Idea was take over a transit waiting area in a suburb like Furnace Creek, CA in the middle of a hot scorching summer where record heat waves are recorded. The waiting area would offer a cool place to site and remind them that Coors is coldest , most refreshing beer made from Rocky Mountain Spring water. The transit stops would be installed with air conditioning & a custom LED logo projector.

red sea resort  | guerrilla concept
Idea: This would be a live, growing billboard that over time would consume the billboard space. Throughout the resorts under water sculptures would be placed to create live coral reefs. The concept was to spread the brand message of sustainability.